Gleann Bui Farm

Gleann Bui Farm

100% Pasture-Fed Organic Raw Dairy

Where to Buy

Visit our Bainne Barn for organic raw milk, cream, butter & yoghurt direct from the farm every Saturday from 1pm through to Sunday 6pm during the milking season. Preorder your 100% pasture fed, organic raw...

Why Choose Us?

We are not just organic farmers who operate a 100% pasture-fed system. We’re not just seasonal dairy for the sake of it. We are all these things and more. We choose to farm within the...

Meet The Team

The Herd Zowie First up from the team is Zowie. Our oldest cow at only 8years of age! She is a purebred Shorthorn who comes from a long line of RDS show winning cows! She...

Raw Talk

People often ask, why raw milk? The main reason is our wish to provide a healthy, wholesome, gut friendly, unprocessed food for people. Below we’ve answered the most common FAQ’s we get. Raw milk is...
Gleann Buí Farm Raw Dairy

Gleann Buí Farm Raw Dairy

Hello and welcome to Gleann Buí Raw Dairy Farm! We are your farmers, Sinéad and Mj. Unconventional, pasture for life, organic farmers. We work with a sassy, small herd of cows here at our micro dairy to conserve, preserve and nurture the rich, biodiverse agri-ecosystem that is our farm. All the while producing nutrient dense, wholesome, seasonal, local, organic raw milk and dairy. Small but mighty, the farm is 27 acres of High Nature Value Farmland in the West of Ireland. At Gleann Buí Farm Raw Dairy, we are passionate about agroecology, soil health, holistic animal care, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity and climate action. Our objective is to produce nutrient dense food, farmed in harmony with nature and delivered direct to the community for a fair price. Get in touch if you’d like to come visit us or join a farm tour.